Simple Form

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This is some placeholder block-level help text for the above input. It's a bit lighter and easily wraps to a new line.

Form Layouts

Inline Forms

Use the .form-inline class to display form elements on a single horizontal row.


Horizontal Forms

Add the .row and .col-*-* classes to create horizontal forms


Selections may be initialized directly on a select element or with the matching HTML and a hidden input element.

Select Team Member

Search & Selection

Works fine with large lists

Tags & Search Selection

Allow to specify multiple choices

Floated Content

Content floated to the right

Select Type

Loading State

Will be useful at remote data querying


Error State


Maximum Selection

Force the maximum number of selections

Selection Without Tags

Tagging and User Additions

User may type own options in either single or multiple modes


Remote Content

Using Remote API call allows users to select choices from remote large datasets
After fetching data can be stored in SessionStorage

Restoring default values

Select a value
Default Value
Restore All Dropdowns

Check Boxes

Choose One or More Options


Choose One


Indicate an age range

Without Javascript

Grouped Checkbox

One-Way Choice

Can't be unchecked


Checkbox Colors

Radio Colors

Checkbox Fill Colors

Radio fill Colors

Slider Colors

Toggle Colors

Evant Attaching

Checkbox events could be atached to other elements


Form Element States

Disabled Form Group

Add the disabled attribute to a fieldset to disable all the controls within.

Validation States

Add add .has-{warning | danger | success} to the parent element

Example help text that remains unchanged.
Example help text that remains unchanged.
Example help text that remains unchanged.

Input groups


Control sizing

Set heights using .form-control-{sm | md | lg} classes